find true love …or… find one billion dollars

Oh Valentine’s Day… for some you spark joy, for others pain; I consider you with apathy.

Today is a day for expressing love. But what happens when one is faced with a choice to obtain true love or a whopping one billion dollars. Now before you hurry to respond with your Disney-movie-brainwashed answer, allow me to exhaust the options set before us.

True love… what a lovely thing (see what I did there). Lets get something straight, love does exist. However, I will be a bit cynical in this post because I’m attempting to appeal to all of the dateless individuals stuck at home reading this.
I have not yet found “true love.” If I had then I would be married. I know that it is in my future but right now it is not and I am considering to hypothetically toss it out for a hypothetical one billion dollars.
Riddle me this, why do we need to throw this “true” love in there. I think love is love. I can settle for love. Why? Because love is great. I don’t need Disney’s made up “true” love. It is just some fanciful, romanticized concept to inspire hope for those who have witnessed the “love” that the world has modeled for us. I know what love truly is so I don’t need to fool myself into a search for true love.

One billion dollars though? Now, that is what it is. No wordplay here. One billion dollars is one billion dollars. That would last me a lifetime, especially if I was single. I can have a lot of fun being single.
This question assumes that if I choose one billion dollars then I’m not going to find true love, so would I settle with that? Maybe. According to my rant, above, I can still find my love. If not then I will just numb the loneliness with my billion dollars.
After years of immature wastefulness I could set my life to pursing passions. The money would create many opportunities to realize my dreams. I could even adopt a kid or two to keep me company.

In all seriousness though, true love is not something that can be earned but money is. I will take the true love, for true love is a rare blessing and money is nothing but common.  who am I kidding, this blog isn’t about being serious. Give me the money!

But seriously, remember…

 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” 1 John 4:8


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