have your life be free of awkward moments …or… have your life be free of embarrassing moments

Embarrassing moments are not common in my life. I can only think of two very embarrassing moments.
1. I ripped my pants playing kickball in front of many of my peers. (Don’t play kickball in skinny jeans)
2. I peed my pants when I was 14 in front of family.

Honestly, neither of these two moments affected me greatly. I don’t become embarrassed easily. Don’t be fooled, its not that I’m super secure and confident. It is really because my dad has conditioned me. My dad is a funny character and is always making people laugh. He thought it was funny though to intentionally embarrass my brothers and me. Nearly every wrestling tournament I had in high school, my dad would tell my teammates that I pooped my pants the day before. He just got a kick out of screwing with me. It was out of love though, no need to call social services. I thought it was pretty funny, he could get creative with the stories every now and then. Plus, my friends loved him.
It benefited me though. Embarrassment isn’t an issue now. If something embarrassing happens,  I move on within seconds.
It worked kinda like that Johnny Cash song…

A boy named Sue gets picked on long enough and eventually they toughen up.

Awkward moments just suck though. I actually do encounter those often. I don’t think most people know but I can be a socially awkward person. It normally doesn’t affect others but it stresses me out inside. I learn to embrace it though. I’ve developed a habit of intentionally over-awkwarding situations to hide the genuine awkwardicity. Its really quite a useful technique. The person whom you are interacting with will usually feel like they made things awkward and I seem socially adept.

However, the techniques are not full proof. So a life free of awkward moments would be wonderful! My social life would just begin to thrive!


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