have a robot butler …or… have a monkey sidekick





Oh, how I wish.





Today’s post is inspired by Tim Kochenderfer’s post today about winning the lottery. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of having a robot to a assistant and a gorilla to deliver messages for me. But which one would I rather have more?

A robotic butler would outstandingly beneficial.
How, you ask?
Firstly, because it is a butler. No more cleaning my room, making my bed, washing my clothes, or worrying about the batcave when I’m out.
A butler would take care of all these things! My life would become a breezy breeze.

Secondly, because it is a robot. Normal butlers are needy. They require payment, food, a place to sleep, and protection of their civil rights. Not a robot!
A robot doesn’t have all those high maintenance human components.
A robot will do my chores for free.
It will never complain about  being overworked or needing a lunch break or its own space to sleep. At the end of the day, he can go ion the corner and power down.

A robot butler would be wonderful.

Though, I must admit… old robot men do not strike me as the most trustworthy of characters.

Robotic butler is a great idea, but sidekick monkey takes the cake (or banana?)
I’ve always wanted a pet monkey growing up. They’re mischievous and get away with everything, they do acrobatics, they know how to party.
The monkey wouldn’t be my slave like the robot but that is not a problem. A monkey sidekick would be my best bud, my partner in crime, my righthand man. I would be Aladdin and he would be Abu.

I’m can’t deny the risks though.

 Upon looking up pet monkey pictures, I did happen across multiple images of wounds inflicted on an master by his pet monkey.
But I lean more towards nature in the great nature vs. nurture debate, so I blame the parents.


Then I also run the risk of my sidekick developing power issues and taking over the world, thus, forcing mankind into slavery.
But I’m not going to be jacking with my monkey’s genetics so this is highly unlikely.

Life is all about risks and rewards.
In my opinion, the rewards of having a pet monkey far outweigh the risks.
I would definitely rather have a monkey sidekick. And “I shall call him mini-me.”

Which would you rather?
Drop a comment.
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What could it hurt?

6 responses

  1. You should have proofed this one!

    Yeah man monkeys can be nasty critters, I’m reading catching fire right now and after reading about their monkeys, I wouldn’t touch one with a ten and a half foot pole!

    Robot Butler would be better. Enjoy pieces of your face being eaten off.

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