Site Change

I haven’t posted in a long time. I know; I should remove the “Post-A-Day-2012” icon from my sidebar. The past few months of my life have been very busy. I was finishing up my first year of college and then I left to Chile for a couple weeks.

Honestly, I could not find a muse to keep up with this blog or my other one.

This past month, I have been working on a major decision. Yes, I am calling it quits on iRather.
However, I will keep up the humor and I will be recommitting to the Post-A-Day challenge.

I have transferred all of my content to my new location at  This is the home of my new blog Words. which will exhibit the strengths that were present in both iRather and my other blog A Blind Man’s Take. The “would you rathers” will no longer be everyday but they will live on, with a new question and answer each Wednesday!

This is a decision I have put a lot of thought into and I hope it will be a success. I will be posting every day on Words. but the type of content will vary each day.

If you have enjoyed any of my work please show your support and follow my new site.

This will be my last post on this site, but I will leave it up for some time so people know that I have not completely disappeared but simply moved to a new blog!

Thank you for reading and please visit Words. Currently, the blog is set to private but it will be changed to public tomorrow for its official launch on July 1st 2012. Thank you!

Live by Faith,
Matthew Tapp