Site Change

I haven’t posted in a long time. I know; I should remove the “Post-A-Day-2012” icon from my sidebar. The past few months of my life have been very busy. I was finishing up my first year of college and then I left to Chile for a couple weeks.

Honestly, I could not find a muse to keep up with this blog or my other one.

This past month, I have been working on a major decision. Yes, I am calling it quits on iRather.
However, I will keep up the humor and I will be recommitting to the Post-A-Day challenge.

I have transferred all of my content to my new location at  This is the home of my new blog Words. which will exhibit the strengths that were present in both iRather and my other blog A Blind Man’s Take. The “would you rathers” will no longer be everyday but they will live on, with a new question and answer each Wednesday!

This is a decision I have put a lot of thought into and I hope it will be a success. I will be posting every day on Words. but the type of content will vary each day.

If you have enjoyed any of my work please show your support and follow my new site.

This will be my last post on this site, but I will leave it up for some time so people know that I have not completely disappeared but simply moved to a new blog!

Thank you for reading and please visit Words. Currently, the blog is set to private but it will be changed to public tomorrow for its official launch on July 1st 2012. Thank you!

Live by Faith,
Matthew Tapp


trust everybody …or… trust nobody

Either I am doomed to a life of naiveté or torment from paranoid schizophrenia. Lovely.
The choices appear insignificant but the consequences are grave.


Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic.
Trusting everybody would be wonderful.
I’m sure that, despite my inability to distinguish truth from lies, people would not take advantage of my innocence.


Instead of ranting on and on about the infinite number of ways people would be able to screw with my folly if I were to trust everybody, I would rather show you the immediate response of one of my closest friends; you know, someone who should care for my well being.
Do I need to explain the terror I would be forced to endure if a  criminal discovered my ever trusting nature? Case settled.

Lets explore the other option.
Would circumstances be preferable if I was unable to trust people?
I would not be subject to believe everything I am told, negating the risk of jumping off a building on account of a friend’s suggestion.

Though, I mustn’t underestimate the relevance of trust to daily living. Consider every minute  interaction that involves trust.

Currently, I am sitting in Starbucks. While ordering my drink I paid with a 100 dollar bill. $95.55 was my change. The register only contained 5 and 1 dollar bills. This meant I had many green pieces of paper coming my way. I had to trust the cashier as she counted my change before  returning it to me.



Imagine how that exchange would have gone if I was unable to trust people.
First of all, I would not have trusted her competence to operate the register because I’m not a math wiz who can calculate the sales tax and determine the correct amount that I should be charged for my beverage.
Secondly, I would not have trusted her count of the change which would result in my frustration and recounting of the money, likely resulting in a the making of “a scene” in the middle of Starbucks.
Thirdly, I would not have been able to trust that the line of people behind me were not going to stab my problematic tooshie in the back.
Fourthly, I would not have been able to trust the person who made my drink! They could have poisoned me.

All this lack of trust would lead to my becoming infuriated with everyone around me resulting in an outburst and, plausibly, a thrown chair or two.
Eventually, I would not be fit to function in society. I assume, that a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia would soon follow and my moving into a psych ward would be imminent.

How could I trust anyone in a psych ward?

There is a risk but I would embrace the ignorance.

Which would you rather; to trust or not to trust?

paper …or… plastic

For me, this is one of those “my parents always” situations. Ya know, what I mean?
If your parents vote Elephant you think you’re an Elephant (well, at least until you think you understand politics and convert to a donkey). Or the “my parents buy Chevy so Ford sucks” phenomenon.


Well, my mother always asked for plastic so I have an inclination towards plastic.
It does have its benefits… they make useful trashcan liners (for the office trashcan of course), they can function as a lunch bag, and they are useful for self-defense (except my mom would always freak out when I practiced this one on my brother).


Considering this question again though, I have a different thought. Technically, every post begins with an implied “Would you rather” and then the post title finishes the question.

“Would you rather paper or plastic?”… this doesn’t even make much sense.
I would take the blame, but I’m doing this question at the request of a reader.
I assumed that the question pertained to what material bag I prefer when checking out at the grocery store. But realistically, this could mean anything!

For the sake of procrastinating my homework, allow me to exhaust the various possibilities that this question may concern.

Disposable Cups: Paper.. plastic makes me feel tacky.
Money: Paper cause plastic doesn’t buy anything.
Plates: If I can’t have porcelain or glass then plastic, you always have to double up paper.
Book Covers: Paper. Plastic book covers never stay open if you are using one hand so you have to do this weird trick with your thumb and index finder to keep them open.
Action Figures: Plastic; it makes them more durable when I blow them up with fireworks (cause I’m a man who plays with explosives not dolls!).
Surgical Cosmetic Improvements: Plastic.
Writing Stationary: Paper, unless we’re talking plastic lamination so I can use marker and erase it later.
Confetti: Paper, plastic chips raining down on my head does not sound celebratory.
Toilet Tissue: thats a given.

Yes, some of these you don’t have a choice and if you did, life would be ridiculous but I had to throw it out there just to explore the various implications of the question.

Back to the most obvious implication… grocery bags.
As I explained, I’m inclined to choose plastic. Plastic bags provide exceedingly more post-grocery uses.
However, that natural rebellion from growing up urges me to defy my parents practices and choose paper on the grounds of it being environmentally friendly…

But plastic has handles so I’m sticking with that.