on April Fool’s Day: be the victim of a prank …or… fail at all pranks you attempt

Happy Fool’s Day!

Practical jokes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be light hearted or humiliating; simple or complex, but the best pranks are the ones that you dish out rather than receive.

Growing up with two brothers has honed my pranking skills to perfection. April 1st was never monumental for us because we pulled our tomfoolery every day of the year. Whether it be waking up to an electric fly swatter on the tip of the nose or being slipped ex-lax before being locked out of all the bathrooms you could expect shenanigans on a weekly basis.

The most important trait I picked up in my childhood of perpetual April foolishness is the ability to endure any prank thrown my way.
My brothers are creative. I have experienced enough from them to withstand being the target of most any “practical joke.”

So bring it on. If it be a mediocre bucket of water dumping on my head or a under ware drawer full of peanut butter, I will not be afraid.

I’d much rather be pranked than fail at all my attempts to prank.
The best part is, I’m ruthless and crafty.
Nowadays, I hardly initiate a prank war. I leave it to others to make the first foolish move. But once things commence, I don’t hesitate to reciprocate with a full forced prank assault.
Don’t be fooled though. I keep my best moves for last but my first strike is usually enough to discourage any retaliation.

To be clear though, I do have my rules of war.
1. Pranks are not to damage property.
2. Pranks are not to inflict lasting physical harm (pain is okay but not in excess).
3. Pranks are not to result in the possibility of losing a job, tarnishing a reputation, etc.

Other than that, it is basically a free for all.

Happy April Fool’s Day ya’ll!

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